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Fuel System Service at Larry H. Miller Lexus Murray

Every so often, the fuel delivery system of your Lexus needs maintenance as other components do, to ensure it maintains optimal horsepower and energy. The fuel system comes comprised of an intricate series of lines, pumps, filters, and injectors which help convert the gas into energy. Over time, like the oil system, the fuel system can build up grime, necessitating maintenance. We invite you to schedule a fuel system service in Murray, UT at Larry H. Miller Lexus Murray and we will answer some questions drivers might have about this important procedure?

How Often Should I Schedule a Fuel System Service?

We recommend scheduling a fuel system cleaning around 60,000 miles or so, but several components might need replacement or maintenance sooner. The fuel injectors themselves should undergo cleaning around 15,000 miles, while the fuel filter will require replacement around 30,000 miles. Around these junctures, our technicians can determine when your fuel system should undergo cleaning.

What Parts Make Up the Fuel System?

In most non-electric cars, the fuel gets delivered to the engine via a series of tubes stemming from the tank, called the fuel lines. Near the engine, the fuel pumps help facilitate the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine, while the fuel filter makes removes any harmful particulates which might crop up from service stations you fill up at. The fuel becomes mixed with air to maximize fuel economy, then the injectors push the aerosol mixture into the engine, where it gets ignited by the spark plugs and generates energy.

What Happens if the Fuel System Remains Unmaintained?

While most modern cars can travel for longer before requiring a fuel system cleaning, we do not recommend traveling well past 60,000 miles without this procedure. A lack of fuel system cleaning can lead to a decrease in fuel economy, increase in tailpipe emissions, and a persistent smell of gasoline throughout the car.

Schedule a Fuel System Service Today

When your fuel system needs service cleaning, or other maintenance, schedule an appointment and come see us at Larry H. Miller Lexus Murray.


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