Leasing lets the customer trade for a new vehicle regularly, so you're always driving the latest and greatest! Since you're driving a new vehicle, you are also up to date on the latest safety and technology features. You'll also generally pay less each month than you would if you purchased the same vehicle. Also, depending on your location, tax savings may also be another benefit to leasing. Continue below to learn more about leasing. 

When you purchase a vehicle, you are contracted for the entire purchase price of the vehicle. You either pay in cash, apply the value of your trade-in, or in most cases you finance the whole cost of the vehicle and you will have to pay interest on the loan. Customers who choose a lease will only pay for the difference in the price they negotiate and the expected car value when the lease is up. This is known as residual value. In essence, you're just paying for the depreciation that will occur over the term of the lease agreed upon.

  • Lower Monthly Payment: Unless the down payment is large, leasing will almost always result in a lower monthly payment for you. You can use this extra money to add upgrades to the vehicle or upgrade to more expensive model and still stay within your budget.
  • No Trade In: When the lease is up, simply drop the vehicle back off at the dealership with no hassle involved.
  • Car Covered Under Warranty: Most lease terms last three years, which is how long most warranties on new vehicles last. If you lease a new vehicle, you'll almost always be covered under warranty. The only costs you will worry about during a lease is insurance and gas.
  • Latest Technology: Today's vehicles are so advanced when it comes to design, fuel efficiency, safety and features. When you lease a new vehicle, you can be assured that you are driving with the latest features to maximize and enhance your Lexus experience.  
  • Tax Savings: Leasing a new car can also potentially save you money in sales tax, however you will need to check with a tax professional to find out how leased vehicles are taxed where you live. In some places,  you only have to pay sales tax on the amount you spend at the time of signing and on your monthly payments. In other places, you have to pay tax on the entire price of the vehicle.